The $9 dollar computer is trending



A little tech company Next Thing Co. based in Oaktown, CA is making a super cheap P.C. without all the bells and whistles.  The computer is basically a chip with 1GHz, 512MB RAM, 4GB of storage and runs on a Linux OS.  The CHIP can connect WiFi or Bluetooth and use any screen like composite out, VGA or HDMI.  Again, this $9 computer can do lots of stuff.

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This is the beginning of something that is necessary in my journey through the IT world. My name is Jimmy and I am from Louisiana within five (5) classes left to finish my Software Engineering Degree at the University of Phoenix. At the moment, I do not have the funds to finish so I am not a student but looking at Valencia College to finish my degree and get a few certificates while there.Once I finish, I will be getting my Masters from another university that is more affordable.

My dreams to finish school have been hindered so many times and at the age of 28, it is killing me that I do not have my degree right now.

I am a hard worker that is unemployed (since my contract ended in October 2014) and moved to Central Florida looking to get my feet with in the information technology field in Florida. I have been working with computers since I was 8 years old and had a passion for computers that was just hard to have reinforced while living in the country.

This is a little rundown so far of me and hope you will follow me on my journey to reach my dream in the future to come.

You all are awesome and hope you will enjoy the ride as I journey through the ups and downs of becoming a Software Engineer in addition to the little stops of country lagniappe along the way.